“I have been a patient of Dr. Shaw’s for about 5 years now. I am a professional singer and spent most of my life battling sinus and throat issues. Spent many years taking all sorts of prescription drugs that never helped. A good friend who is also a singer and trusted colleague recommended Dr. Shaw and said she had found… Read more “S.P.”

Joan S.

“I have been utilizing the services of Newton Health and Wellness for the past 7 years. Their dedication and commitment have saved my life. On January 1, 2005 I developed a double sinus infection and a cat scan showed that my sinus cavities were completely blocked. I had a pounding headache and could not breathe through my nose. Even after… Read more “Joan S.”

Mary P.

“I have been coming to Newton Health and Wellness for almost 15 years. I met Dr. Shaw when he first came to practice in Newton- one of his first patients! After my adjustments I’ve had the best night’s sleep- relaxed and all the tension has been taken away. One of the things that keep me coming back to the office… Read more “Mary P.”

Lisa S.

“My journey began in March of 2005. I watched a movie called Supersize Me. It made me see what fast food really does to your body. I always thought the perfect lunch was 20 chicken pieces with sauce. I was so wrong! So, I began frequenting my local co-op in search of a better way. I realized after many years… Read more “Lisa S.”


I have had various foot problems for the past ten years of my life. Treatments and surgery have corrected these issues until the present. My orthopedic and podiatrist didn’t really have an answer to my pain. I was desperate for relief so I responded to and ad from Dr. Shaw about healing with light. I made an appointment and had… Read more “K.D.”


When I first came to Dr. Shaw’s office I was struggling with a lot of Migraines, Headaches, and Back Pains. I didn’t expect to see improvement because I believed my symptoms were permanent. Within just a few office visits I felt capable of taking control of my symptoms and stopping them Dr. Shaw and his co-workers all brightened my day… Read more “A.K.”

Lou K.

“I have suffered with sciatic pain for more than 3 years, tried cortisone shots and other treatments but they were not successful. Right now I am controlling the pain with medication, a condition I would like to decrease. Under the care of Dr. Kevin Shaw at Newton Health and Wellness I completed IDD therapy and am now receiving other treatments.… Read more “Lou K.”

Millie V.

How did you come to Newton Health & Wellness? “I have had both knees replaced and have been dealing with a lot of pain. My surgeon felt it was made worse by my fibromyalgia. I have always been a believer in holistic alternatives.”   How do you feel after treatments? “I have seen much improvement since Dr. Shaw has used… Read more “Millie V.”

Mickey H.

“I would like to write a tribute to the staff at Newton Health and Wellness, namely Dr. Kevin Shaw, chiropractic physician, his wife Ati and massage therapist Maggie. When I came there I could barely walk, stricken with bulging discs, sciatica, arthritis, scoliosis, and intense shoulder pain. I had previously been told that spinal surgery was my best hope. Not… Read more “Mickey H.”

Kelly L.

“When I first came to Newton Health and Wellness I was having difficulty breathing.  I had been diagnosed with Bronchitis for six months.  I had been on nine different antibiotics and was in and out of the emergency room every week.  After seeing Dr. Shaw consistently I started noticing changes.  I was no longer in need of a nebulizer or… Read more “Kelly L.”

Megan A.

What brought you to Newton Health & Wellness? “I had been suffering from chronic headaches and migraines. My mom took me to a pediatrician and neurologist and their answer was daily migraine medication. At 13 taking medications every day was not appealing. My mom had been going to Dr. Shaw for a year and suggested I try him.”   How… Read more “Megan A.”


“I started coming to see Dr. Shaw when I was 13. I began treatment for headaches. I stopped having headaches, and I continue to come see him, I am now twenty and my symptoms are non-existent. The facility and the staff are welcoming and wonderful in all aspects. I could not ask for a calmer environment or a more knowledgeable staff… Read more “M.N.”


“I’m a 23 year old who for 2 years was suffering majorly. After being told that I had Lyme disease and then fibromyalgia, I opted to seek help from Dr. Kevin Shaw. Not only is Dr. Shaw super knowledgeable but my quality of life has greatly improved. I went from being constantly tired, drained of energy, with mood swings and… Read more “D.H.”


“Newton Health and Wellness has been the most exceptional, quality care I have ever received. I started chiropractic in order to remedy my back troubles. I have maintained care for well over a year, and not only is my back in much better condition, but my allergies are gone as well. When you walk through the door you are treated… Read more “K.R.”

John Z.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you but how do you say thank you to someone who has given you back your life, your hope, and your ability to do the things you once did. A mere thank you doesn’t seem to be enough, so let me elaborate if I may for a moment. In the past… Read more “John Z.”

Will D.

TESTIMONIAL: Why did you come to Newton Health and Wellness? —I had a friend who worked here at the office and introduced my wife and I to Dr. Shaw and his practice. How do you feel after treatments?  —A year later and I thoroughly enjoy coming back. I have a clearer mind, I’m more alert and for my sinuses I… Read more “Will D.”

Pat & Elaine S.

Why did you come to Newton Health and Wellness: Your office was our last resort. P- After a long year of on-going continuous pain in back, hip and leg. E- Arthritis in neck and upper back, and pain in lower back. How do you feel after treatment: P- After only a few treatments my pain was significantly decreased. Now after only… Read more “Pat & Elaine S.”

Kristen C.

“I came to Newton Health and Wellness both reactively and proactively. I felt a strong desire, after several back spasms, to treat my body in a more holistic way. My body felt out of alignment and my pain and irritability were affecting my mental and physical wellbeing. My mind and body connectedness was fading.” How do you feel after treatments?… Read more “Kristen C.”

Pamela M.

“I have had 4 surgeries since 2012 on the L5, S1 location of my back. My L5, S1 area is now fused with hardware. I have had so many injections that I have lost count. I have severe nerve pain from my buttock down to my big toe on my left side. I was in so much pain on a… Read more “Pamela M.”

Jean M.

“Three years ago I began to have sciatic pain radiating from my lower back down into my foot. I was finding it debilitating. I went to my orthopedic doctor and he ordered an MRI. After epidural and physical therapy I was not much better. I was diagnosed with severe stenosis of the spine. When doctors and physical therapists looked at… Read more “Jean M.”

Pediatric ~ Focus

“I started to bring my daughter to Newton Health and Wellness because her grandmother has been a patient for a while, along with my other daughter and myself. I was told that Chiropractice Care would help her immune system and possibly calm her down. My side of the family has always been known as the energizer bunnies! We are always… Read more “Pediatric ~ Focus”

Pediatric ~ Asthma

“I started bringing my daughter to Newton Health and Wellness because of her asthma. Last year she started kindergarten and she was constantly having breathing problems. With her asthma, we would have to use a nebulizer with 2 different typed of medication. We would use it straight for a week or more. I wasn’t happy putting those chemicals into her… Read more “Pediatric ~ Asthma”

Lynn K.

“I have been coming for several years to the Newton Health & Wellness Center with great success for my sinus issues. I started having pain in my right hip back in February. After several months of seeing several doctors, painkillers and physical therapy, I was finally able to have a MRI. The orthopedic doctor informed me it was a back… Read more “Lynn K.”

Nancy K.

TESTIMONIAL: Why did you come to Newton Health & Wellness? “I have degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. After having two bone fusions, any further surgery of injections were not an option. Almost a year went by since my last surgery and I still remained in chronic pain, unable to stand for more than 20 minutes or walk across a… Read more “Nancy K.”

Debra M.

TESTIMONIAL: Why did you come to Newton Health and Wellness? “I needed a good ‘cranial’ chiropractor. I had been suffering with complications from a fractured skull, the result of a car accident when I was only 17 years old. In August, 2013, I was hospitalized, as stress caused my ear canal to close, and I could not stand or walk… Read more “Debra M.”

Athena H

“My pregnancy with Lucien was normal and uneventful. I carried him full-term and had an unassisted delivery and breastfed. Lucien was healthy for the first 3 months of his life, he then started daycare and within 9 days he contracted RSV and landed in the PICU for 8 days due to respiratory failure, this is where our story starts. We… Read more “Athena H”

Rita S

“I started being treated by Dr. Shaw in January 2017. I had given up hope and begun to accept the pain and debilitation of lower back issues. I am 72 years old and in 3 months of treatment I now have ‘ease of well-being’ which I never thought I would feel again in my body. With it I have renewed… Read more “Rita S”

Andrew B

“My experience with Newton Health & Wellness is much more than positive. Dr. Shaw, not only gives excellent chiropractic treatments, but along with his wife and staff, they offer sessions in massage, yoga, Pilates, etc. Their facility is a lovely spacious older home with the latest cutting-edge equipment and a family-like atmosphere. At age 86 they treat me with understanding… Read more “Andrew B”