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Here at Newton Health and Wellness we are continually offering Seminars and Classes to the community as a way to promote a healthful lifestyle.

A Few Upcoming Seminar Topics Will Be:

  • Concussions:  Myths and Facts
  • Headaches, Migraines and Vertigo – Alterative Options
  • Sinus and Allergy  Relief
  • Anti-aging  Through Risk Identification and Risk Reduction
  • Balancing Anxiety, Depression and Hyperactivity Naturally
  • Proactive Children’s Health:  Health Trends and Concerns / Common Childhood Conditions and How to Treat Them Naturally [Sinus, Cold and Flus, Allergies, Asthma, Anxiety, Depression, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Bed Wetting , Mood Issues, Sleep Issues, Fatigue…]


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At Newton Health & Wellness we like to share what is going on with us as well, as our community.  Here you will find all of our news and event announcements as well as any informative articles or inspirations that we come across.


Read our latest article from The New Jersey Herald:

Milestone Article


Break Free From Pain at Newton Health and Wellness     By: Laura Deal

Now in its 10th year, Newton Health and Wellness continues to offer local clientele holistic methods that heal chronic pain in many people across Sussex County who had lost hope in their physical abilities to live a normal life.

Dr. Kevin Shaw, chiropractic physician and owner of the center, offers his patients cutting edge methods that generate healing and promote overall wellness.

Cold Laser therapy, for example, which is light energy that penetrates into joints and muscle tissue ultimately jump starting tissue regeneration. The method can be used in conjunction with other therapies for joint conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia and muscle tensions.

A probe is simply placed against the skin and patients feel neither heat nor vibration.

“Many professional sports teams use this device,” said Shaw. “Lance Armstrong has his own -custom-made – for repetitive injuries.

The center offers a wide variety of holistic alternatives including: chiropractic, massage, Pilates, yoga, acupuncture, GYROTONICS®, IDD Therapy (Intervertebral Differential Dynamics), physical rehabilitation, sauna/steam, aquatic therapy and more.

“I have recently been adding more medical aspects to our practice, such as the IDD Therapy, which isn’t available anywhere else in the county,” said Shaw.

The Accu-Spina machine (used for IDD Therapy) is built by North American Medical, a $100,000 plus piece of equipment that has been a genuine godsend to many of Shaw’s patients suffering with sciatica, bulging discs, neck and lower back pain and degenerative joints.

Introduced into his practice last December 2007, out of about 80 patients, many that were scheduled for back surgery and opted to try this method first, only one has gone for surgery.

“And that’s because the patient didn’t complete more than an introduction to the technology,” said Shaw.

The technology works via a computer to specifically target problem areas and while using a pumping motion, rehydrates specific discs and joints which ultimately free the nerve. It furthermore increases the height of joint and disc space.

“Most of my patients fall asleep on the table,” said Shaw. “It’s that comfortable.”

The therapy usually ranges in recommended visits between 6 and 18 sessions, each lasting about 25 minutes. The cost can vary from $800-$4,000.

“If you compare the cost of surgery and the time out of work, it’s remarkably cost effective,” said Shaw. “I’ve seen a lot of failed surgeries.”

Dr. Shaw recently had a patient with a severe case of spinal stenosis who successfully completed IDD Therapy. Frances Christino had tried many methods to alleviate her chronic pain, all to no avail.

“I went to a pain management doctor who put me on pills,” said the 75-year-old Sparta resident. “Temporarily it would relieve the pain but it would always come back and I would have to take another pill.”

Christino tried (with unsuccessful results) physical therapy for a year.

“It didn’t work,” said Christino. “I also had two epidurals that were a temporary fix, but the pain would always come back.”

After visiting Dr. Shaw, in October of last year, Christino has completed 24 sessions of IDD Therapy and is finally pain free.

“It’s wonderful,” said Christino. “I can walk without pain.”

Christino wants others to know that there is a way to become pain free without pills or surgery.

“This is a remarkable recovery,” said Shaw (about Christino). “It’s important that the public learns that stenosis can be treated without surgery. It’s not just about drugs and surgery anymore. Most cases of stenosis are in patients 65 and older who would be challenged in the recovery process of an invasive surgery. To be able to offer those individuals the ability to walk again and live without pain is a huge step in the field of wellness alternatives.”

Shaw also practices what he preaches. In terms of lifestyle, he runs, cycles, weight trains, and practices yoga (he is a certified Kundalini instructor). Both he and wife are raising their two boys up with the foundations of this kind of healthy lifestyle as well, including nutritious foods, lots of water and time outside, every day.

“I try and motivate people to live a healthy life,” said Shaw. “The center offers modalities that we use ourselves such as acupuncture, massage, yoga and pilates.”

GYROTONIC® therapy is yet another cutting edge holistic feather in this center’s cap, a treatment widely used in dance communities and recently featured on Oprah; this unique machine offers up to 500 different exercises using the movements of swimming, yoga and meditation. Basically the movements are spiraling motions that strengthen and lengthen the body.

“It’s very cerebral,” said Shaw. “It’s a fast growing trend in health care. You can probably only find about four other centers in New Jersey offering this kind of therapy.”

The top floor of Shaw’s meticulously renovated Victorian wellness center offers many options for the frazzled soul. Hydrotherapy using plant oils is one option, along with massage, steam showers and saunas, as well.

“Heat and water are great for approaching detoxification and relaxation,” said Shaw.

In the coming year, the center will be expanding and offering additional services in the wellness field. And five years down the road, Shaw sees more involvement in cardiovascular rehabilitation through personal trainers and the like.

“This corner (High Street and Liberty) is going to be a landmark,” said Shaw. “We offer a more caring, intimate approach to the patient. Our attention is fully directed to the individual we are treating. There is really nothing else like it in the area.”




Faculty and Staff from Newton High School Get Fit In New Health Initiative

(Newton, NJ) — Andy Iliff, JoAnn DaSilva, Yvonne LaFurge, Liz Fusco, Joanne Moretz and Wendy Whipple are all lacing up their sneakers and hitting the great outdoors. These six faculty and staff members from Newton High School are part of a new three-week program founded by Dr. Kevin Shaw, owner of Newton Health & Wellness. The wellness contest aptly entitled, Lead By Example, officially kicked off this week and will run through May 25th.

“The premise is for adults in our community to influence others by exhibiting healthy ways of living,” said Shaw. “To show the next generation the many benefits it provides to body, soul and clarity of mind.”

Working in conjunction with the Newton High School Health and Wellness committee, the fitness finalists were selected through a student-wide vote. Equipped with a Garmin GPS system donated by Shaw, the device will monitor each contestant’s heart rate, distance and pace as they compete against one another and track as much time as possible running, walking and breathing out and about on the many wooded trails and open vistas Sussex County has to offer this time of year.

“This is not just about losing weight,” said Shaw. “But spending more time out in the woods, in nature and enjoying the benefits it brings to your body. It is my passion to raise everyone’s self-awareness of what it means to treat your body well.”

At the end of the three-week stint, the fitness enthusiasts will be provided with a full physical evaluation measuring flexibility, strength and cardio indexes at Newton Health & Wellness. The winner with the greatest improvement will be awarded a prize.




Newton Health & Wellness Names Winner of Lead By Example Challenge

(Newton, NJ) — Six faculty and staff members of Newton High School began a three-week wellness trek that culminated Wednesday, May 25th with Newton resident, Andy Ilif, being named winner of the new Lead By Example challenge.

“We picked Andy because he saw the greatest change, losing 16 pounds of fat is incredible in a three-week span,” said Dr. Kevin Shaw, owner of Newton Health & Wellness, located on High Street in Newton, NJ. “But more importantly, Andy saw the greatest reduction in risk factors such as lowering his blood pressure — he will literally live longer going in this new, healthier direction with his lifestyle.”

The group of six logged 422 miles running and walking, lost a total of 46 pounds of fat, and realized a 15 percent reduction in blood pressure and an increase of 50 percent in abdominal strength.

The challenge, founded by Shaw, is geared to get adults moving into more healthy ways of living; hoping their lifestyle changes will spur others on. Shaw donated Garmin GPS systems to each contestant to monitor heart rate, distance and pace as they trekked through trails and wooded paths in and around Newton, in their pursuit of a better body and healthier lifestyle.

“To really maximize the benefits of exercise you have to work out to your full potential,” said Jason Schlaffer, fitness director for the challenge. “That’s what Andy did. We are very proud of the bar he has set at Newton High School for faculty and students. He has proved himself as a leader in this community.”

Newton Health and Wellness is beginning the Lead By Example Challenge to the teachers and faculty of Kittatinny Regional High School starting June 1st and hopes to extend the program to other schools throughout Sussex County by next year.

Illif won a package of massage and personal training sessions at Newton Health & Wellness in their new 1500-square-foot gym and recently renovated spa/training facility.



Twenty eight days, 24 competitors, 1,291 miles covered.

For the second time this year, Newton Health and Wellness has sponsored the Lead by Example Challenge, a fitness improvement program founded by Dr. Kevin Shaw, owner and chiropractic physician at Newton Health and Wellness. The three-week challenge was designed to influence the community and the next generation by exhibiting the benefits of healthy living. Faculty members and teachers selected from four participating schools were lined up to compete against themselves, and each other, as they logged as many miles as they could by walking, running, biking or hiking. Competitors were first evaluated by the wellness center, then given a Garmin global positioning system, donated by Shaw, to monitor their heart rate and track their pace and distance. Six participants from each school, Newton High School, Sparta High School, Kittatinny Regional High School, and Merriam Avenue School, volunteered in the Lead by Example Challenge. “The goal was to get adults, the role models of the community, to lead by example”, Shaw said.


Four winners, one from each school, were announced Tuesday:

Wendy Whipple, a 56-year-old librarian at Newton High School

Rose Lange, a 59-year-old preschool special education teacher at Merriam Avenue

Craig Merrill, a 45-year-old Sparta High School history teacher

Chuck Mills, a 52-year-old video and broadcasting instructor at Kittatinny, was selected as the overall winner.


“(The challenge) heightened my desire to consider my health more seriously,” Mills said. “I started eating better … and as far as working out, I never worked out. I never went to the gym until about four months ago (when) I got interested in starting up at the (YMCA) in Hardyston and training.”

“But it wasn’t the kind of stuff (that helped me get on track),” Mills said. “It was the movement and the running and the jogging that did.” Mills logged a total of 182 miles and lost 10 pounds. He said he went from not being able to jog a mile to averaging six miles day, with a little walking in between.


“I approached the challenge more from the angle (that) I wanted to lose some weight. I wanted to get myself in a healthier state, and the program pushed me over the hump to do that, and now it’s gotten me in that mode.” Shaw said the four winners were determined by their overall improvement in health, not just the number of miles logged. Jason Schlaffer, fitness director of Newton Health and Wellness, said the 24 volunteers hailed from diverse backgrounds, ranging from athletic to overweight. “The purpose was to get people to just move, to be more active,” Shaw said. Shaw said obesity trends in America are “nearly catastrophic.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of adults in the United States are obese, and about 17 percent of children and adolescents, 12.5 million, are also obese. In the last 20 years, a dramatic increase in obesity has been recognized and rates remain high. Between 20 and 24 percent of New Jersey’s population is obese.


Shaw said he believes three primary factors are contributing to obesity in America: Technology, diet, and a more sedentary lifestyle. Shaw said American children today live in a “virtual world” that creates inactivity; they play computer and video games and spend more time texting. “They do not play outside, plain and simple,” he said. Further, Shaw said people tend to drive more today. Even when getting a meal, they just pull up to the drive-through, and then easily consume 3,000 calories. “Diet has changed and agriculture has changed dramatically in the last 15 years,” the physician said; “food is less fresh today and contains more ingredients, additives and preservatives. Each of the four winners of the fall Lead by Example Challenge will be the coaches and liaisons for the tentative spring program; the overall goal is to relay a message to students to “eat well, think well, move well,” Shaw said. “I gained increased awareness of what level of exercise I need to be at for it to be effective,” Whipple said. “I gained a healthier outlook on life, what I put in my mouth; my core strength increased, my blood pressure improved, I lose some weight. I have a more positive outlook on things emotionally; I have improved stamina and my endurance is better.” In order for the program to branch out, Shaw said the next step is to speak with participating school boards and administration to better involve the students with the Lead by Example Challenge. One possible idea Whipple will bring to the school board includes partnering a student with a teacher during the upcoming challenge to connect youth to the new initiative. “I didn’t want the students to think that they couldn’t work on their fitness because they don’t go to the gym or don’t have the time or money for a gym,” Whipple said. “(I participated) because I thought, if I could show them just through walking and having an increased awareness of exercise and wellness that they could do it too, that it’s possible for everyone.”