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“My pregnancy with Lucien was normal and uneventful. I carried him full-term and had an unassisted delivery and breastfed. Lucien was healthy for the first 3 months of his life, he then started daycare and within 9 days he contracted RSV and landed in the PICU for 8 days due to respiratory failure, this is where our story starts. We were told that due to this early infection of RSV Lucien would possibly have lasting health issues including asthma and susceptibility to upper respiratory viruses. Over the next 15 months, this little boy would suffer a total of 16 ear infections, 15 rounds of antibiotics, pneumonia, a second stay in the hospital with RSV at 17 months, chicken pox and countless viruses. We were referred to Dr. upon Dr. to determine why he would get so incredibly sick and not a single one could tell us anything. He should be able to fight these viruses off but couldn’t. I was at a breaking point, my heart and soul were shattered from watching this little boy suffer so much, not to mention the very real threat that I could lose my job because I needed so many days off to care for a sick child.

After Lucien’s second stay in the hospital for RSV, I began looking for an alternative solution to a problem that mainstream medicine couldn’t fix and came upon chiropractic care. I read that there were others in my very situation that had seen dramatic changes in their children when they started seeing a chiropractor. I was skeptical, very skeptical and nervous. So I contacted Dr. Shaw’s office and spoke with his wife Ati, who assured me that they could help and that I should come in to speak with Dr. Shaw, so I made an appointment. Not only was I greeted in the utmost professional manner but allowed to voice my concerns, hesitations and skepticism. Ati and Dr. Shaw made sure that I was completely comfortable with the treatment plan by inviting me to speak with other parents and see what an adjustments for a one-year-old looked like.

I knew that something needed to change, I couldn’t keep pumping my child full of antibiotics, or seeing him so sick. After speaking with a few other parents, I made the decision to start treatment for my then 18-month old. Lucien took to his adjustments amazingly well, I thought he might resist but he never did, he runs right to the table and giggles the entire time. I am amazed to say that since we started seeing Dr. Shaw, nearly a year ago, my child has not had an ear infection, he hasn’t needed to take any antibiotics and when he does catch a cold, his body is finally able to fight it off without any complications. I am in awe of what Dr. Shaw has done for my son and my family, our lives have changed so much for the better. I can honestly say that this has been the best decision that I could have made for Lucien.

Thank you Dr. Shaw for teaching me to trust in our bodies ability to heal itself when given the right tools and thank you for always going out of your way to make sure Lucien is well. Thank you Ati for always being so kind and generous, and for always making sure Lucien is seen when he needs to be. You have changed our lives and we cannot thank you enough.”

-Athena H. 4/11/17

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