For those suffering with back and neck pain,

                                          new technology now provides hope.



IDD Therapy provides a non-surgical option for disc, joint, and nerve conditions while eliminating the need for invasive surgery, painful injections or even drugs. It is a technique that is applied through a computer directed, highly developed technology that allows a specific spinal segment to be targeted for treatment.

At Newton Health and Wellness, we know that there are those of you out there living with chronic pain. Using the latest technology and non-invasive methods, Dr. Kevin Shaw D.C. has delivered relief and restored pain-free living to many of his patients. Two of these methods are IDD therapy and K-Laser therapy.


The Accu-Spina system allows decompression to occur while the patient is harnessed comfortably, lying on their back as heat, massage and oscillation are administered to the surrounding muscle tissue working to release and re-educate guarded, spasmed muscles.

This FDA approved technology has been proven to relieve pain by enlarging the space between the discs; on average, five to seven millimeters. The negative pressure of decompression releases pressure that builds on to the disc and the very sensitive nerve endings, allowing the herniated and bulging discs to eventually go back into normal position.