At Newton Health and Wellness we strive to empower the individual to reach this kind of optimal lifestyle. Our interest is to impart ongoing lifestyle awareness counseling through: strength training, yoga, juicing, proper nutrition, cardiovascular training, and breath work.

We believe that health is something that is often lost in unawareness. Excessive eating and drinking; too little sleep and exercise; exacerbated by physical, emotional and chemical stress over time brings our bodies into imbalance. Our work is to restore balance and eliminate built-up stress that frequently presents itself as pain, fatigue and disease.

Our goal with each treatment is to direct the body to reach a plane of pain-free, peaceful existence through the following modalities:




Holistic Health (through whole foods)


Yoga (Kundalini & Medical)

GYROTONICSĀ® Expansion System


Physical Rehabilitation

Pain Management, (Non surgical, Non Pharmaceutical)

IDD Therapy Non Surgical Spinal Disc Decompression

K Laser Therapy