Chiropractic Physician


Pre-med studies were done at Wake Forest University and Undergraduate Bachelors of Arts in Psychology was received from Stony Brook University.

Doctorate was received from New York Chiropractic College in 1995.

Additional Post Graduate Studies:

Wellness Practitioner, Flexion Distraction, Manipulation Under Anesthesia, Masters Certificate in Acceleration Deceleration Injuries, GYROTONIC Certification, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Medical Yoga Instructor, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Chiropractic Neurology, Upper Cervical Specific, Whole Foods Lifestyle Diet, Natural Cleanse and Detoxification, Non-Surgical Spinal Disc Decompression, Class IV Low Level Laser.


Personal Experience:

Interest in the human body and health came early for me. I was 7 when my 32 year old father suffered from a heart attack.  A young boy witnessing the marvels of science and medicine saving my father’s life instilled an immediate impression that compelled me to diligently study the human body and how health is influenced.

From my early youth till my early 20‘s I suffered from chronic sinus infections, chronic cryptic tonsillitis, and respiratory infections, resulting in approximately 6 months of each year having to use antibiotics this occurred from the ages of 7-21.  Continued infections forced me to end my competitive running career during my undergraduate studies at Wake Forest. Having both a tonsillectomy and sinus reconstruction in my early 20’s with no resolution I was left with only continued pharmaceutics use of decongestants, antibiotics, suppressants and expectorants.  I looked healthy in great shape avid runner and cyclist, worked out regularly as most of my peers did, but chronically sick?

It was not till the fortunate experience I had when I was 21 helping my dad at a construction site when I strained my back that dropped me to my knees and I was barely able to walk for 3 months.  Doctors told me there was nothing wrong, X-rays revealed nothing to them, medication was the prescription, this did not agree with me nor did they help. This was when MRI was first being developed so that wasn’t an option.

After suffering for some 3 months, my family encouraged me to see a Chiropractor.  I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting Dr. Andrew Forelli as a resident Chiropractor.  His examination revealed that the x-rays did demonstrate gross imbalance in my spine. Also on examination I was told that it was likely that I should deal with sinus and respiratory issues such as congestion and infection, no where on the intake paper work did I report anything other than my inability to walk, stand or move without excruciating pain.  This Chiropractor had insights and understanding of the health of my body beyond just the back pain.

I was prescribed a course of treatment which within a few weeks resolved my back pain, and within a few months resolved my sinus and respiratory issues as well improved digestive function.  Some 20 plus years later I have not had another sinus or respiratory infection nor have I taken an antibiotic or for that matter any medication since.

Resolved of an excruciating back condition and chronic respiratory and sinus infections my interest in the relationship of the spine, the nervous system and it influence on health grew.  My interest to continue with medical school had now been challenged.

Was there a way to influence health without the need for surgery or medications?

Could imbalance and stress cause sinus infections and recurrent respiratory infections?

Could it cause back pain and digestive issues?

As I studied Neurology and the anatomy of the spine I discovered that imbalances, restrictions and misalignments (subluxations) in the spine had some very predictable patterns of influence on health. These influences are all revealed in the Neurology of the central nervous system. Science confirms the need for control and the influence of the central nervous system over the full expression of health.  It is also understood that the full expression of health has many facets

As a Chiropractic Physician now for 20 years, as a consumer of HEALTH CARE, as a proud father of two young boys, as a loving husband of a beautiful wife and business partner, as a small business owner, as a entrepreneur, as a scientist, as a doctor, as a runner and avid cyclist, as a yoga practitioner and teacher, as a visionary for HEALTH CARE in the 21st century, as a Wellness Practitioner.

It is my purpose to:

Continue to learn, practice, teach and inspire of the methods that naturally influence health and empower individuals to express the true health that resides within them. We all individually have the power and potential to express greater health and well being.

In Health,

Dr. Kevin M. Shaw