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"We were told that Lucien would possibly have lasting health issues including asthma and susceptibility to upper respiratory viruses. Over the next 15 months, this little boy would suffer a total of 16 ear infections, 15 rounds of antibiotics, pneumonia, a second stay in the hospital with RSV at 17 months, chicken pox and countless viruses ... I am amazed to say that since we started seeing Dr. Shaw, nearly a year ago, my child has not had an ear infection, he hasn’t needed to take any antibiotics and when he does catch a cold, his body is finally able to fight it off without any complications"
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Dr. Kevin M Shaw

Chiropractic Physician

Maggie Driesbach

Licensed Massage Therapist

Mary Powers

Reiki Master, Raindrop Therapy, Hypnosis

Ati Shaw

Office Manager

Gabby Martinez

Office Assistant

Jaina Lumkong

Registered Yoga Teacher

Alex Hill

Pilates Instructor
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